Invented Language and Terms

The Terms “Homosexual(ity)” and “Heterosexual(ity)” Are Fraud Terms

Posted on August 20, 2012

(* Whether you agree with the source links authors’ politics or religious views or not, one still has to address the facts that they provide within each link.)

Persons caught up in the fictitious socio-political “identity” they like to call “gay” have been/are being deceived. It was all created by fiction. Read on to find out what the REAL social construct is…

  • Austrian journalist and travel writer Karl-Maria Kertbeny coined the words “homosexual(ity)” and “heterosexual(ity)” in the 1860s. These words did not exist before then and have scientific or socio-psychological foundation. Remember, there are ONLY men and women.

    Again, did you know/realize that the terms “homosexual” and even “heterosexual,” were invented terms by a travel writer in Germany in the 1860s and have no scientific foundation whatsoever?
    Those terms are based on a made-up etymology, and were used by homosexual activists to start up the sexology field.
    The field of “sexology” was also established by homosexual activists during the Weimer Republic in Germany and then continued in the United States (just after the fall of Nazi Germany) by sado-masochistic homosexualist Alfred Kinsey, and using his fraudulent and criminal research to do so…





    “Sexual orientation” is a term that spawned from the fictitious “heterosexual” / “homosexual” construct. It is a highly ambiguous term loaded with hidden false assumptions. So-called “sexual orientation” is just a theory that lets people pretend that sexuality is a subjective state-of-mind rather than an objective truth based on our self-evident physiological reality.


    It falsely but has effectively framed the debate about homosexuality in such a way that the average person is tricked into accepting homosexual activist presuppositions without challenge. This is even true of those people who continue to oppose the homosexuals activists’ political goals. Once the presuppositions have been accepted, especially when they become “law” in deceptively titled “anti-discrimination” policies, resistance to rest of the homosexual activist agenda becomes much more difficult.


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